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Are you looking to take your ideation skills to the next level?

Our ideation learning path is designed to help you develop your creativity and problem solving abilities, so you can generate innovative ideas and turn them into successful businesses. By following the content of this learning path, you’ll learn about the ideation process and various ideation techniques, as well as how to validate your ideas and assess their potential for success.

We’ll also cover problem solving techniques to help you overcome any obstacles that may arise during the ideation process. With our course on ideation, you’ll gain the skills and knowledge you need to become a more effective and successful entrepreneur.

Partners for good

e-training portal

As the importance of online education and e-learning is increasing, Partners for Good (PfG) has established its own platform for online training. The Platform allows PfG to keep up with this rapidly growing industry, and to maximize the reach of training content developed to all target audiences. This is achieved by automating PFG’s training library and transforming it into an electronic format which contributes to the sustainability of its programs and enables the platform to serve as a hub for all partners to present their training programs to their target audiences

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